Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is QNB Life Rewards?
Life Rewards is a total relationship loyalty program offered by QNB to its retail banking customers. Members earn points from their everyday use of QNB products and services, which can be redeemed instantly on different types of rewards. Earned points are pooled into a single account, so members get rewards quickly. Point earnings are calculated at different rates according to three membership levels: Essential, Select and First.
What makes this program different from others available in the market?
The program offers a wide range of redemption options, including a broad network of Merchant Partners. Points are very easy to redeem: You can redeem your points anywhere and anytime, directly at partner stores via QNB POS terminals or through QNB’s online banking channels for redemption with other loyalty programs (Qmiles & Nojoom points). It is this combination of features that make the Life Rewards program unique.
Are there any membership or enrolment fees?
The program is free for life. There are no costs or fees associated with enrolment or usage.
Who is eligible to become a member of Life Rewards?
Any QNB customer with at least one active Life Rewards debit card or Life Rewards credit card will automatically be enrolled into the program. No special action is required. Once you have a debit or credit card you can start enjoying your benefits.
What are the differences between the three membership levels?
There are three membership levels in the program: Essential, Select and First. Eligibility per each is based on your monthly salary deposited in QNB and/or average monthly savings deposit balance. The higher the level, the faster you’ll earn points, with more benefits offered to you.
Do points ever expire?
Points will remain valid until the 31st of December – two years after the points were earned. So, for example, points earned on the 12th of October 2018, will expire on the 31st of December 2020.
However, the points earned from promotional offers can have a different expiry date based on their terms and conditions. You’ll be able to see how many points expire in each coming year on your loyalty page on QNB’s Internet  Banking portal.
Will I get a new credit card? Or can I continue using my old credit card?
If you currently have a QNB debit card, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the program. QNB will continuously replace existing QNB credit cards and/or provide add-on Life Rewards cards to existing QNB credit cardholders. Once you receive the new credit card, you just need to activate it to gain access to your rewards and benefits. QNB co-branded cards are not considered to be QNB Life Rewards cards, therefore holders will not be registered into the Life Rewards program.
What if I don’t have a QNB credit card? Am I eligible for the Life Rewards program?
Members need to have either a Life Rewards credit or debit card. If you do not, then please visit our branches to apply for one.

Earning Points

How can I earn points?
Customers will be able to earn Life Rewards Points from getting and using various retail banking products and channels.
How will I be notified that I have earned points?
You can check your latest point balance and individual point transactions by logging into your QNB Internet Banking account. You will also receive a monthly eStatement, showing each transaction which earned you points in the past month. You can check your point balance at any time by sending the following SMS: “liferewards” to 92777 from your mobile number registered with QNB.
Will I earn points on both my credit and debit cards?
You will earn points for any international spending on your Life Rewards debit cards and any domestic or international spending on your Life Rewards credit cards; however, the earning is much faster on credit cards. You can earn up to 5 times more points when you pay with your credit card than with your debit card.
What are the earning rules for debit cards?
You will earn points for any international purchase transaction on your debit card.
What are the earning rules for credit cards?
You will earn points for any purchase transaction with your credit card, either domestically or internationally.
How long after I make a purchase will I see my Life Rewards points in my balance?
Typically, points for eligible new purchases will be shown in your available balance within 1-3 working days; however, in selective cases, it may take longer to process the transaction.
The points earned from other channels, besides from purchases transactions, will be shown in your balance in the first weeks of the following month, before the 15th of that month.
Do I earn the same points from credit card spending at any partner?
No. There are program partners that offer you extra points for every credit card purchase you make in their store or outlet. The amount of earned points differs for partners, so it pays for you to see where you can earn the most points. Please click here for more details.
Are there any conditions for earning points from the partners during promotions?
Yes. When partners run other promotions, they may decide to stop the partner’s contribution during the promotion period.
Will I also earn points while spending outside Qatar?
Yes. You will earn points for every successful purchase on your credit and debit cards anywhere in the world. Points can be redeemed at our participating partner outlets.
Can customers purchase QNB Life Rewards points?
No. QNB Life Rewards points cannot be purchased, they are only earned.
How do I find out about promotions?
Promotions will be communicated through the QNB website, newsletters, emails, and SMS. You will also hear about promotions through mass media channels, such as radio, newspapers, internet and outdoor advertisement. 

Point Redemption

How can I redeem points?
There are multiple ways through which you can redeem your Life Rewards points.
  • You can pay for purchases at participating partner outlets with your points (using your Life Rewards debit or credit card on the QNB POS terminal in the outlet).
  • You can convert Life Rewards points via Internet Banking to points or miles in other loyalty programs.
  • You can pay your utility bills with points on QNB ATMs or through QNB Mobile and Internet Banking.
  • You can redeem points to avail cash back on your credit card through QNB ATMs or Internet Banking and pay your outstanding balances with Life Reward points. 
How can I use Life Points at QNB partner merchants?
Upon choosing items to purchase, please present your Life Rewards credit card or debit card to the cashier. The cashier will check your points and calculate their value in Qatari Riyal. If your points are enough to settle the total amount of the items, the cashier will put the required points in the POS and you’ll be given a receipt upon a successful transaction.
Can I exchange points into cash?
No. It’s not possible; however, you can use points to avail cash back on your QNB credit cards. You can pay your outstanding balance on QNB credit cards with your points as credit balance to your billing.
Can I use both my credit and debit card for redemption in partner outlets?
Yes. You can use either your Life Rewards credit card or your Life Rewards debit card to purchase items at participating partner outlets using your points. All you need to do is inform the staff in the partner outlet that you’d like to use your Life Rewards points, and they will inform you if you have sufficient points to pay for your items and process the transaction. It’s that simple!
Who are the participating partners?
The program offers you the option to redeem points at a selection of participating partner outlets across many categories, including luxury boutiques, electronics outlets, automotive dealers, shopping, dining, hotels, supermarkets, food & beverage, health & beauty, and travel.
Can I earn points with one partner and redeem them with another?
Yes. Points earned from any type of transaction will accrue into one single pool from which points can be redeemed at any listed partner or any redemption option offered in the program.

Managing Points and Customer Service

Where can I see information about my membership level and points?
You can view your membership level, available point balance, and expiration information on QNB’s online banking channels. You can also access a transaction history of your points earned, redeemed or transferred. You can also receive a monthly statement in your email, showing you the same information for the past month.
Can I transfer points to family or friends?
Members in the program will have the option to transfer points to another member through our online banking portal. Points with a validity of more than 3 months can only be transferred to other members, and once transferred they will expire by the end of the same year on 31st December.
Can I move up or down the membership levels?
Yes you can. Upward migration to a higher membership level is triggered by a higher salary deposit or higher average savings deposit balance in QNB. As soon as you meet the eligibility criteria for a higher membership level, QNB will assign the new level to you and automatically schedule the replacement of your Life Rewards debit card to the appropriate card. If you have a QNB Life Rewards credit card, you will automatically receive the invitation to pick up your upgraded card.
It is also possible to move down a membership level. If for six consecutive months you no longer meet the eligibility criteria for your current level (i.e. required salary or deposit volumes) you’ll be assigned a lower membership level. Your Life Rewards debit and credit cards will be automatically replaced with the appropriate cards.
Where can I send my inquiries. Is there a contact number?
You can reach us at our dedicated Customer Care Center at (+974) 4440 7777. For QNB First Customers, you can contact your dedicated Customer Relationship executive or your 24/7 QNB First Member Care Center at +974 4440 7788.

Other Information

Can supplementary card owners also earn and redeem points?
Holders of supplementary Life Rewards credit cards will earn points just like primary cards, which will be accumulated in the primary cardholder’s points balance. Supplementary cardholders can also redeem points from the total accumulated points.
Can I stop my supplementary card from redeeming Life Points?
The primary cardholder has the option to turn this redemption functionality for supplementary cards off.
Is Life Rewards available at associates, subsidiaries or QNB affiliate organizations?
Currently, the Life Rewards program is available for customers inside Qatar only and for customers holding an active Life Rewards debit or credit card.

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