Harrods Cash Rewards

Let your points take you on a shopping spree at Harrods.

Exchange your Life Rewards points with Harrods Cash Rewards and enjoy luxury shopping at the world-renowned Harrods of London.


QNB customer with Life Rewards and Harrods memberships.

Benefits & Features

Visit QNB Internet Banking to convert your points to Harrods Cash Rewards. The points will instantly be credited to your Harrods membership account balance in Pounds Sterling (GBP). You can use this balance for your spending at the Harrods Luxury department store in London.
Refer to the below table for the conversion rate:

Type of Reward

Life Rewards

Value/Conversion Rate

Harrods Cash Reward Balance

140 Points



If you still don’t have a Harrods membership number to convert your points, you can obtain one directly from QNB Internet Banking or online by visiting www.Harrods.com

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