Himyan Prepaid Card

Introducing the all-new QNB Himyan Prepaid Card!

QNB Himyan Prepaid Card is an innovative way to effectively manage your money with enhanced security and convenience.  By using the amount that you  top up your card with, you can easily make purchases or cash withdrawals in Qatar.

Availability & Eligibility

You don’t have to worry about approvals , simply apply for the QNB Himyan Prepaid Card and start enjoying your benefits free of interest rates, late or limit fees.

Benefits & Features

  • Secure local online purchases
  • Local cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Easy loading of funds at over 300 QNB ATMs with cash deposit 
  • Automatic SMS alert after every transaction
  • Enhanced security through Chip & PIN technology
  • Zero annual fees
  • Zero card issuance fee
  • Card Replacement QR30 per card
  • Free local Point-of-Sale purchases
  • Free local ATM withdrawals 


  • Maximum daily ATM withdrawal of QR 10,000
  • Maximum daily purchases of QR 15,000
  • Maximum balance limit: QAR 50,000 (once this limit is reached, further cash deposits will be declined)

How to apply for the Himyan prepaid card

Simply visit any QNB Branch with instant printing services to get your Himyan prepaid card on the spot. Himyan prepaid card issuance does not require having an account with the bank and can be issued to citizens and residents with valid QID as well non-residents with valid passport or valid GCC ID.
Himyan prepaid card issuance is free of charge for QNB customers.

How to use the Himyan prepaid card

Simply load funds from any QNB ATM with cash deposit functionality and start using your Himyan card immediately.

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