Savings Plus Account

A savvy account for watching your savings grow.

We designed an account to help you build your personal savings. The Savings Plus Account helps you start a simple and easy savings plan while enjoying both the flexibility of a current account and the attractive rates of a fixed deposit.
Simply head to any QNB branch, open a Savings Plus Account, deposit QR5000 and start watching your savings grow.

Benefits & Features

  • Available only in QAR
  • Enjoy competitive rates of interest
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid to the account monthly
  • Free debit card
  • Free SMS Banking
  • Free eBanking services

Interest Rate


Saving Plus Account

up to 5,000


above 5,000


*Rates are subject to change from time to time

For more information please give us a call at (+974) 4440-7777 or visit the nearest QNB branch

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of holding a Savings Plus Account?

There are no fees associated with a Savings Plus Account.

How can I transfer money into my Savings Plus Account?

You can transfer money from your QNB accounts into your Savings Plus Account via QNB’s Internet Banking or Mobile Banking services. Transfers can also be made at any QNB branch.

How do I access my Savings Plus Account if I want to withdraw a certain amount?

You can transfer money from your Savings Plus Account to other accounts using the QNB Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services. Withdrawals can also be made at any QNB branch or by using the attached QNB free debit card at any ATM.

When do I get the interest on the money deposited in my Savings Plus Account?

The interest is calculated daily against the existing account balance and added monthly (last day of each month) to your Savings Plus Account.

Does opening a savings account require presenting a salary certificate from the client?

New Savings Account/Demand Deposit Account for new customers

If the name of the employer in the Qatari ID is mentioned as a company name, then a salary certificate must submitted. If not, the customer must mention the source of funds orally.

* Qataris:

The customer are to mention the source of income.

New Savings Account/Demand Deposit Account for Existing Customers

Qataris and residents - the customer must verbally inform what will be the source of funds to be deposited in the account.

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