QR Pay

QR Pay contactless payments is a feature provided by QNB Mobile Banking allowing you to pay at QNB POS terminals without the need of cash or NFC. The new innovative QR Pay allows you to make payments at the merchant outlets by scanning the QR code from the POS screen.  Login to QNB Mobile Banking app, select “Scan QR/QR Pay” menu, select a card to pay from, and then scan the QR code displayed on the merchant POS terminal screen.

Pre-requisites to use the service

  • You need to have a smartphone (iOS or Android and Harmony)
  • You need to be registered at QNB Mobile Banking app
  • Merchants need to have a QNB POS terminal enabled for the service

How to use

  • Login to QNB Mobile Banking , select “Scan QR” menu from the footer or main menu, then select “QR Pay” option
  • Choose your debit, credit or prepaid card to pay with then click on “Scan QR code to pay” button to capture the QR code displayed on the POS terminal screen through your device’s camera
  • Once the “Scan QR code to pay” button selected, the camera will open to scan the QR displayed on the POS
  • Once the authentication is successful, a pre confirmation screen will be displayed with the transaction details and you need to confirm the payment by clicking the “Pay” button to complete the transaction

Frequently asked questions

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