Account Delegation

Did you know Two can share One account?

Those whom you care about mean a lot to us too. Account delegation is a feature whereby you are able to delegate your personal account to another party safely and securely.

This feature is only available via Internet Banking. You have full options on how the account can be managed by the other party.

Benefits and Features

  • Delegate your personal account to another party safely and securely

 This feature is useful for customers who wish to share account accessibility with another user or within the family.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the other party need to have a QNB account?

Yes. Your delegate must hold a QNB account, otherwise he/she cannot be given permission to perform any type of transaction.

Can I delegate my account to someone through Mobile Banking?
No. You can only delegate your account through Internet Banking.
Can I remove an account delegate from my account delegation list?
Yes. You can delete an account delegate from your list of delegations via Internet Banking.
What are the actions an account delegate may perform?
  • Account Statement
  • Fund Transfer
  • Account Summary
  • Account Balance
  • Chequebook Request
  • Quick Payment

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