Fixed Deposit Account

Start saving and enjoy the growth of your money

Did you know that fixed deposits earn you a higher interest rate? Well they do! You don’t even need to go to the bank to do that, you can open a Fixed Deposit account online through our Internet Banking service and avoid waiting in long queues at the branch.
You can also renew your Fixed Deposit account online for a minimum period of one month.

Here’s How?

To learn more about how to use the online Fixed Deposit account service, please refer to the  Internet Banking User Manual
What is the minimum amount to deposit in the account?
You can get started with a minimum of QR5000 to open an online Fixed Deposit account.
Can I open an online Fixed Deposit account through Mobile Banking?
Not yet possible. You can, however, open an online Fixed Deposit account through Internet Banking, but you can manage your account through both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
Can I transfer funds from my online Fixed Deposit account to another QNB account?
You can only transfer funds within your own QNB accounts from your online Fixed Deposit account.

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