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Total convenience with a cash benefit of up to 80% of your credit card limit

repayable over a period of 6 months in equal installments at 0% interest.

Availability and Eligibility

  • QNB customers
  • Available to all QNB credit cardholders
  • Cardholder should have a QNB Current or Savings account
  • Customer should be registered in QNB Internet Banking

Benefits & Features

  • Instant cash fulfillment via Internet Banking
  • Minimum QR3000 and up to 80% of card limit, or QR 60,000 whichever is lower
  • Funds credited to customers’ Current or Savings account
  • Repayment over 6 months in equal installments
  • Maximum 2 transactions per year
  • 0% interest applied
  • No cash advance fee
  • No documentation required

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use or apply?
Apply today by visiting QNB Internet Banking to enjoy this benefit.
One-time handling fee of 2.99% per transaction will apply on the original amount.
What is QNB [email protected] Service?
It’s a feature on the credit card which allows you to instantly avail a cash benefit of up to 80% of the credit card limit at 0% interest.
What is the eligibility criteria to apply for this service?
All registered QNB Internet Banking credit cardholders in good standing who maintain a QNB Current or Savings account can apply for this service.
What is the application process?
You have to login to QNB Internet Banking, access the Cards page, open and fill the simple [email protected] application and submit.
What is the timeline to process the requested funds?
Funds are credited instantly upon successful application and, on non-working days, in 2 days.
Where will the funds be credited?
You can transfer the requested amount on to your QNB Current or Savings account via the online application process.
What is the installment repayment tenure?
You can repay the amount to the Bank in 6 equal monthly installments.
How much of the installment amount will be applied to my available credit limit?
You don’t have a separate credit limit for installments, so the whole installment amount will be deducted from your available credit limit and the credit limit will be replenished as you pay your outstanding balance each month.
What documents do I need to provide to avail this benefit?
No documents are required by the Bank.
How can I check that the transaction was successful?
Upon successful application, an on-screen message will be displayed with the transaction details. You will also receive an SMS message on your registered mobile number. Additionally, you can visit your QNB homepage and verify the funds credit in your requested bank account.
I want the cash via [email protected] service, but I’m not registered in QNB Internet Banking?
Simply call 4440 7777 and our Customer Care staff will happily guide you through the online registration process.

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