Tap & Pay

Pay fast and stay on the go!

Step out of the queue and move into the fast lane with innovative payments via QNB's contactless enabled product suite. Speed up your payments and leave long and time-wasting lines behind.

Tap & Pay is your ideal means of payment in traditional cash-only environments where speed is essential. Pay with great ease at fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, cinemas, pharmacies, gas stations, mass transit, parking lots and toll roads.

Your contactless QNB card allows you to pay at any store that displays the contactless symbol by simply tapping your card and benefiting from the same high security standards as chip and PIN purchases.

It only takes a second or two to pay. No need to worry about cash money, no more inserting the card and, for low-value-purchases, no PIN entry is necessary.

For contactless purchases up to QAR 300 at selected POS terminals in Qatar and up to QAR 1,500 cumulative at any merchant globally, no PIN entry is required. Above this amount, you will have to enter your PIN. The required amount for PIN entry will vary from country to country.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use ?
  • Hold the card to the reader
  • Tap on the contact symbol
  • Transaction is done when you see the lights flash or hear a beep

(No PIN required for purchases below QR 300)

How safe is it to use contactless payment?

Contactless transactions are as safe as traditional card payment transactions. Each transaction uses state-of-the-art security to generate a random verification code that cannot be counterfeited. It also provides more control, since the card does not leave your hand to be swiped by the merchant.

Where can I use my QNB card for contactless payments?

You benefit from worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants displaying the logo. This includes points of sale such as fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, mass transit and toll roads.

Contactless pick-pocketing – can contactless transactions be performed without the cardholder noticing?

Some people worry that their contactless card could be activated by simply passing close to a contactless terminal. This is not the case, as the POS terminal can only perform a single transaction at a time, an amount must be entered before the transaction can be authorized and the card needs to be in very close proximity to the terminal (maximum 4 centimeters).

Will I still get SMS Alerts like regular card purchases?

Yes, every time you will perform a contactless transaction you will get informed immediately via SMS Alerts. This way, you know all the time the transactions that were performed using your cards.

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