Google Wallet™

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to securely store your cards, tickets, passes, keys, and IDs.

 Note: Available features are different in every region.

Secure & Convenient way to pay

Enjoy convenient and secure checkout with your phone everywhere Google Pay is accepted. Just tap and go, while your payments are safely encrypted before, during, and after every purchase.


You can add your QNB cards to Google Wallet

How to set up Google Wallet:

  • Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play
  • Tap ‘Add to Wallet’ and follow the instructions
  • Take a picture of your card or enter the card details.
  • Verify your card if needed.


Then you’re all set!

Making Payments

How to pay in store

  • Unlock your phone
  • Hold it near the terminal
  • Look for the check mark to confirm the payment is successful

To make contactless payments, make sure your phone meets software standards, NFC is turned on, and Google Pay is set as default payment app.

You will receive a confirmation on your device and an SMS on the transaction.

How to Pay in-app or e-Commerce

  • At checkout, tap the Google Pay button
  • If asked, choose a payment method and enter your shipping address
  • Confirm your order

Pay with Smartwatch

  • Find contactless and Google Pay stickers on the payment terminal screen.
  • Bring your smartwatch close to POS terminal within 60 seconds to make the payment, until you hear a sound or feel vibration from your device.
  • You will receive a confirmation on the device and an SMS on the transaction.

Pay with PC / laptops

  • Click on the “Buy with GPay” or “GPay” button
  • You will receive a confirmation on the device and an SMS on the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

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