Mobile Cash

Discover the modern way to transfer money.

Imagine sending cash immediately to anyone who has an Ooredoo or Vodafone Qatar mobile number as a direct transfer to their smartphone. Well, you can – using QNB Mobile Cash through QNB Mobile Banking.

The recipient may withdraw the money at any QNB ATM, at any time of the day or night.
It’s a ground-breaking service that enables you to send cash to any QNB or non-QNB customer without having to use a credit card, debit card or fund transfer.
That’s a great idea. And what are the additional features of QNB Mobile Cash?
  • The service is entirely free of charge
  • SMS notification of transactions – for both the sender and the beneficiary
  • Total privacy and security, as the beneficiary uses a Voucher Number to collect
  • Status-tracking of payments under the ‘Transfers/Track Transfers/Cash’ menu

How it works:

  1. Sending a Mobile Cash payment – Login to the the app, choose the ‘Transfers/Mobile Cash’ menu. Select the amount to be sent, up a maximum of QR 1000 per day (in multiples of 100 QAR). Enter the beneficiary’s mobile number, read and accept terms and conditions, and confirm.
  1. SMS confirmations – Next, you’ll see a confirmation screen showing the transaction details. You will also receive an SMS confirming the transaction – while the beneficiary will receive an SMS notification with a Voucher Number.
  2. Communicating the amount – Independently, you should then communicate the amount to the beneficiary, in order they may withdraw it from an ATM.
  3. Withdrawing the funds – The beneficiary can withdraw the amount at any QNB ATM by selecting ‘Mobile Cash’ and typing in the Voucher Number and the amount. After successful withdrawal, both parties will receive an SMS confirmation.
You can also try Mobile Cash via SMS Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop or cancel a Mobile Cash payment?
No. A payment cannot be altered or cancelled once it has been sent, so please ensure all details are correct.
When should the beneficiary withdraw the amount?
Within 24 hours. If the cash is not withdrawn within one day, the funds will automatically be transferred back to the sender’s account. Interest will not be calculated for the period between the payment initiation and reinstatement.
Can I send a Mobile Cash payment to myself in order to instantly get cash without using a credit or debit card?
Yes. You can make a Mobile Cash payment even to yourself, then you can withdraw the amount from any QNB ATM without using a credit or debit card.
If I use Mobile Cash via QNB Mobile Banking, will my number be enrolled for the SMS Banking Mobile Cash service?
No. The SMS Banking Mobile Cash service requires separate enrollment.
Mobile Cash Transaction Limits
  • Maximum 5 transfers per day
  • Minimum QAR 50 / maximum QAR 1000 per transaction
  • Maximum transfer total of QAR 1000 per day

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